Each dome is
custom designed

Depending on the diameter, height and design a dome is customized according to the German fire protection standard B 1. It will be constructed and manufactured exactly according to our customer’s desires.

Our domes have two layers of material to guarantee a maximum lifespan with almost total darkness and maximum protection against fire. There are pressure-hose-rings at the bottom to be able to vary the height of the dome. The necessary height always depends on whether the viewers are sitting on the floor or on chairs.

Inflatable domes work fundamentally like an air hall without a floor

A tent-like dome (4 – 7 square meters and 3,50 – 5 meters height) is inflated on an even floor. It holds up to 50 people. The dome can be entered through a sipper-door or a pressure-gate. The blower is constantly working while people are entering the dome in order to prevent the dome’s top from lowering. As soon as the dome is closed again, a hardly audible stream of air is enough to keep the dome inflated.

Setup of inflatable dome

With appropriate fan setting, an inflatable dome can remain open for several minutes in order to be entered or left without hurry. In an emergency situation an inflatable dome can be evacuated in seconds: The audience just stays down while the skin is pulled over the air bubble.

For the fixed projection, we can offer you faceted full-dome projection screens from lightweight panel- material.

For test screenings and smaller domes, the most cost-effective kit of 12 shell elements provides for a screen with a diameter of 3.05m and light gray interior surface.

For larger screens you can determine the dimensions and color by yourselves. We also organize assistance for the construction. The surface of the 12 or more patented shell elements is faceted regularly. They are made from lightweight plate material. Since the screens do not go beyond a hemisphere, these “domes” open laterally and are naturally ventilated. Depending on the situation they are elevated or suspended.